Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? 

How does the Sékko Pant work?
The Sékko Pant is a high-waisted tummy-controlled pant with a built in panty that absorbs light bladder leaks, discharge and sweat. The panty may absorb up to 4 teaspoons of liquid. The Pants are designed to be moisture-wicking, odor-controlling, and super-absorbent. This means they keep you fresh and dry and are ultra-thin for ultimate all day comfort.

How much liquid can the Sékko Pant hold?
The Sékko Pant may hold up to 4 teaspoons of fluid.

Can the Sékko Pant absorb different fluids?
Yes, the Pant is for anyone that has leakage of any kind such as urine, blood, discharge and sweat. The padded technology in the panty absorbs all kinds of fluids, and the fabric is fluid-wicking so you feel comfy and dry.

Will the panty/pant smell and feel wet and uncomfortable?
No, the panty is hygienic and made with a design that neutralizes bad odors and bacteria. The wicking layer of the signature fluid-absorbing technology has an application of non-migratory silver, commonly used in performance wear and medical devices to control odor and the spread of bacteria. Plus, they are super-absorbent and sweat-wicking that keep you fresh and feeling dry. 

Are the Sékko Pants reusable?
They sure are! After wearing, the Sékko Pants are washed just like regular underwear and pants.

Are Sékko Pants safe to wear all day?
Absolutely. We sourced safe, and eco-friendly materials so they can be worn worry-free. We wear our Sékko Pants every day too!

What is the material in the Sékko Pant?
Sékko Pants are made from a soft, breathable, durable blend of nylon, elastane, and polyester.

How to wear the Sékko Pant?
You may wear the Sékko Pant to exercise - similar to a yoga pant, to the park with your family, to a night out with your significant other, for shopping with the girls and to any other event you like. It is your Pant; you decide how and when to wear it!

How do I pick the correct size?
The panty should feel snug, as it is there to capture leaks and sweat. The Pants should fit as tight or loose as you like. Please refer to the sizing chart below or go to the Product page for more information. If there are any questions, you may also email us at We will respond as soon as possible.


How do I care for my Sékko Pant?
Wash with regular laundry in cold water and tumble dry low. We recommend that you wash prior to using the first time and that you wash the Pant inside-out every time. We also recommend that you do not use fabric softener or bleach. Do not iron.

How do I check my shipping status?
You will receive a link with the confirmation email after your purchase. You can also sign up and log into your account. There you will see your shipping status and all your shopping history. You may also contact us at with any questions.

How much is shipping?
Domestic shipping is on us! You never have to pay for domestic shipping when buying directly from us.

How long before I get my Sékko Pants?
We process orders as soon as we can to get them shipped to you promptly! Once shipped, it goes from our shop to your home in 3-5 business days. Of course, if there are weather delays you may receive your order a little bit later.  

Can I track my order?
Absolutely, you will receive your tracking number once the order ships.

Can I make changes or cancel the order?
We are unable to cancel or make changes once your order has been placed. After receiving the Pant/s you may email us at to request an exchange or a refund.

What is your return or exchange policy?
We process exchanges within 30 days of purchase only. You can request a return or an exchange by sending us an email to The Pant must have all tags in place and the protective sticker on the panty lining to be an acceptable exchange or return. The Pant must be new, unused, unwashed and undamaged. We will provide you with a free pre-paid shipping label. Please contact us at for any questions.

Will there be more products, different sizes, and other colors available in the future?
Yes, we are working hard every day to come up with the next life-changing products. Subscribe to be the first to learn about all our product updates. We welcome all feedback. If you are requesting a certain size or product let us know and we will look into creating it! You can always send us an email to We appreciate all emails and would love to hear from you!

Can I buy and ship outside of the US?
Unfortunately, we are currently not selling outside of the U.S. We are continuously updating our operations, so keep checking for updates regarding this. Subscribe so you can be the first to hear about all changes!

I would like to contact you for a marketing opportunity – whom and how can I contact? 
All interested people can send us an email to and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Can we have lunch?
Yes, definitely! We would love to meet you! Send us an email to and we will set up a lunch date.

How can I contact you?
Please send us an email to and we will respond as soon as possible.