Sékko & Co.

How It All Started...

Sékko was established in 2018 in San Antonio, Texas by three working mothers with a vision.  The Sékko founders were determined to provide a solution for a debilitating problem that many women have - urinary leakage. Through extensive collaboration and innovation, the life-changing solution, the Sékko Pant, was created.

The Sékko Promise: To create products that all women need, deserve and love so she always feels confident, secure, and comfortable.

Cynthia Smith, CEO

Cynthia has over 15 years of experience in business, finance, and science. By leveraging her background in business and finance, Cynthia is capable of growing and leading Sékko into consistent success.  Cynthia’s background in science allows her to contribute to the technological design of the Sékko products. Cynthia has two sons, Charlie who is 6 and Cameron who is 1. Cynthia is highly passionate about education. One of her goals is to continue learning and growing so Sékko & Co. can continue creating life-changing product!

Mary Guajardo, COO

Mary has over 20 years of operational and customer service experience. As the creative genius behind the Sékko brand, the beauty you see is Mary's creation. Sékko's perfected customer-centric approach is also largely in part due to Mary’s vast knowledge of customer service. Mary has two children, Karilyn, 14, and Christian, 10. Like most women, before becoming a mother, Mary was unfamiliar with the issue of urinary incontinence. Mary’s goal is to ensure that every single person struggling with urinary incontinence has access to the right resources. She hopes that the Sékko Pant offers you the security and comfort it has offered her! 

Terisha DeDeaux, CFO

Terisha has over 10 years of finance and accounting experience. Terisha is a master with financials and all matters related to accounting. With her budgeting skills Terisha helped bring the Sékko pants to life. Terisha is a mommy of two boys, Nohlan, 6, and Atlas, 4. Terisha is an entrepreneur and an all-in-one woman who is constantly looking for ways to impact others. One of her main goals is to empower millennial women to remember that they are strong, intelligent, resourceful and beautiful!